Pokemon Go Casino?

Pokemon Go

For a short time in 2016 it was impossible not to notice all the people outside glued to their smartphones trying to find all the cute little animals around them in augmented reality. Pokémon Go was the first mobile game that was able to break the physical and virtual boundaries that our mobile devices create. This was accomplished by simultaneously attaching people to their phones with a vigor that has rarely been seen and paradoxically connecting them in the real, physical world.

The game uses GPS and map data to locate you in the world and then it makes your immediate physical surroundings the game board through your phone. Your character in the game mirrors your physical movement in the real world. Objects and events in the game are associated with physical objects in the world as well, to interact with them in the game, you must physically walk over to them in the real world. Your phone serves as a view finder into this augmented reality world of Pokémon Go.

Soon after the release of Pokémon Go, news stories started to emerge about local businesses setting up in-game drop points as promotional events and activities to lure Pokémon Go loving customers to their stores. Retail stores were using it to set up buying event. Gyms organized push up competitions with prizes inside the augmented reality of Pokémon Go. The online gambling industry started using it the same way, organizing events and offering promotions to Pokémon Go players to get together and place bets on their websites together. Pokémon Go prop bets started appearing as well.

How Pokemon Go Has Affected The Future Of Mobile Casino Technology?

The most important part about this is not what has happened already but what can happen from here. What will stem from this technology? What will this mean for mobile casinos? Pokémon Go was the first stage in the next generation of mobile gaming and introduced the idea of augmented reality to the world. The technology of augmented reality has already started to expand into other fields so it’s only a matter of time until the international gaming community gets a piece of it.

There are minds within the online gambling industry that think the next great barrier to break through in the online mobile betting realm is to be able to do it socially. It’s the main thing that online gambling seems to be missing. The greatest accomplishment that was made in augmented reality with Pokémon Go was that it brought people together physically to play the game in a digital world. Adding this dynamic to the world of online gambling opens a whole new world of betting options, gambling events, and entertainment opportunities for the leading companies to be able to provide for a truly quality online gambling experience.  Mobile betting apps can be truly transformed and the missing social component integrated into the interface.

Mobile gambling has experienced the largest growth of any sector in online gambling over the past several years with thousands of online games being created for the purposes of betting. In a 4-billion-dollar industry, augmented reality could change the entire landscape of mobile casinos.

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