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Mobile Friendly Betting ExampleThe world has become increasingly connected over the past few decades, and what we’ve seen more and more is things shifting to a mobile environment. Whether it’s checking email, messaging, surfing the web or anything else that’s done online, the mobile sector has been growing more than anything else. This of course includes the gambling industry and now there are a number of real money betting apps that allow you to take your bets with you on the go, no matter what type of gambling you prefer.

Below we review the safest and most reputable mobile betting apps which are available for for the most popular smartphone devices including iPhone, iPad, Android and windows devices.  The sites we recommend are all extremely reputable with a proven track record for being fair and honest with players and paying out winnings very fast.  Real money wagering is available via a genuine mobile app or a responsive website that adapts to all mobile phones.

Best Mobile Betting Apps For 2024 – Top Rated Sites As Voted By Players

Top Rated IconThere are certainly many more gambling sites on the internet that are mobile friendly.  However not all of them are created equal and getting paid is like pulling teeth. The smart gamblers realize this and understand the importance of choosing a reputable site.  This is why we only recommend the most trusted names in the gambling industry that have a proven track record for being honest and trustworthy. The mobile betting apps below all offer real money gambling and are rated the top in their class by millions of players from all corners of the world.

Site NameBonus OfferRatingCompatibilityUSAVisit/Review
Mobile Casino Apps
Bovada Mobile Casino100% up to $3,0005 Star RatingAndroid, iPhone, iPad, Windows, BlackberryPlay Now Review Mobile Casino100% up to $5,0005 Star RatingAndroid, iPhone, iPad, Windows, BlackberryPlay Now Review
Cafe Mobile Casino500% up to $5,0005 Star RatingAndroid, iPhone, iPad, Windows, BlackberryPlay Now Review
Ignition Mobile Casino100% up to $2,0005 Star RatingAndroid, iPhone, iPad, Windows, BlackberryPlay Now Review
Mobile Sportsbook Apps
Bovada Mobile Sportsbook50% up to $2505 Star RatingAndroid, iPhone, iPad, Windows, BlackberryPlay Now Review
Betonline Mobile Sportsbook50% up to $2,5004.5 Star RatingAndroid, iPhone, iPad, Windows, BlackberryPlay Now Review
Mobile Poker Apps
100% up to $2,0005 Star RatingAndroid, iPhone, iPad, Windows, BlackberryPlay Now Review
100% up to $1,0005 Star RatingAndroid, iPhone, iPad, Windows, BlackberryPlay Now Review

Real Money Betting Apps By Smartphone Device

The Mobile Advantage

The mobile advantage is all about being able to go anywhere with a connection with your tablet or smartphone and place bets no matter what you’re doing. You can be in line at the grocery store, waiting in the lobby of a doctor’s office or even riding as a passenger in a car. This not only gives players a tremendous amount of flexibility in how to play, but it also opens players up to a number of security issues and other potential problems that are inherent in the mobile environment. Our goal is to help you to navigate these potential issues and have a great experience.

The Criteria We Use for Reviews

You’ll find a number of reviews of different types of betting apps on this website. We want you to know and understand the criteria that we have used when evaluating these real money betting apps and putting together these reviews so that you understand our frame of reference.

Is The Site Trustworthy?

The very first thing we look at is how reliable and trustworthy they are. This is especially important with regards to fair games and reliable cash outs since those two things are the basis of any good gambling experience.

Device Compatibility

Next we look at device compatibility. There are a lot of different smartphones and tablets out there, and not everyone has the most popular or most up-to-date device, but we think players should be able to get in on the action anyway.

Real Money Gaming Selection

The available selection of games, betting options and promotions help to round out the rest of our reviews so that you know exactly how you’ll be able to bet with each of the apps that we have evaluated.

Aside from these three main categories, we also look at what makes each app different and anything in particular that you might need to know about each of them that is either atypical or that makes them stand out.

Safe And Trustworthy Mobile Betting Apps

Security LockIn deciding how trustworthy a 18+ betting app is, there are a few particular pieces of information that we prefer to look at. The first is whatever licensing and independent certifications the company has. Not all licensing jurisdictions carry the same weight with the same restrictions on the operators that play through them, and we take that into consideration first.

Next, we look at their own individual history and the history of the company that is backing that particular operation. If they have several years in the industry with a reputation for giving players a great experience, then you’ll know.

Aside from that, there are also issues of safety and security. This comes down to how your personal information and financial details are handled with specific types of encryption. It also comes down to how proactive they are with things like detecting suspicious betting patterns or making sure that it’s you initiating the transaction whenever there’s an atypical withdrawal pattern. In short, there are a number of things they can do to make your account safer, and we look to see that they do them.

Device Compatibility Issues

There are several different types of mobile operating systems and devices out there. Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile and other options have different operating parameters, and an app that runs on one of these devices or operating systems doesn’t necessarily run on another. That’s why we want you to know which specific platforms these mobile betting apps can run on and which they can’t because the last thing you want to happen is to decide on a particular site to play with only to discover that their mobile platform doesn’t support your device.

Mobile Game and Betting Selection

There are several types of gambling that can happen through your mobile device, and within each of those types there are various games, genres of titles and subgenres that can all be determining factors in deciding if an app is for you. If you want to play casino games, for example, you wouldn’t necessarily find them in a sports betting app. Along these lines, we make it crystal clear which apps are good for which type of betting, and then we break down the exact game selection available within each type. This puts you in a position where you won’t ever make the mistake of wasting your time by getting signed up for an app that doesn’t even have your preferred games or type of betting.

Bonuses and Promotions

The mobile gambling sector of the overall online gambling industry is particularly competitive. The different sites that back the various betting apps have to really stand out and be appealing to players since there is so much competition out there, and one way that they do this is through the usage of promotions and bonuses. These are basically monetary incentives that give you different levels of value based on what you play and how you play, and they’re a great way to boost your bankroll and maximize your chances of winning.

Players will find a variety of offers out there in the mobile gambling world, including deposit bonuses, free spins, free chips, cashback rewards and other goodies. We break down exactly what players need to know about these promotions in our reviews so that you aren’t caught by surprise with special terms, conditions or other fine print.

Special Mobile Betting Interfaces

If you have used a computer to play poker or casino games, or if you have bet on sports, then you’re used to a certain type of interface that’s based around a mouse and keyboard. However, in the mobile sector, players should be aware that the interface is a lot different, and the betting apps have made note of that. Along these lines, everything is designed around using a touchscreen instead of using a mouse, so you’ll notice that the menu systems are laid out a lot differently.

Something else you should know, particularly if you prefer casino games or poker, is that you’ll often find yourself playing the exact same games with a completely different interface. Don’t be alarmed by this. In virtually every single case, the odds and gameplay will be exactly the same, but the controls for how you do your betting will only be tweaked so that it’s easier to use on the touchscreen. It’s simply something to be aware of so that you don’t think you’re playing a completely different game than you were on a computer.

Account Management

Some players who have tried mobile betting apps in the past have complained that they were able to manage their account how they would have preferred. The first mobile options for various online gambling sites tended to give players limited access to the actual betting and virtually no access to things like customer support, deposits, withdrawals or bonus management. Understandably, this really turned a lot of early players off of the mobile experience.

Things have changed since then, however. You can do everything on your mobile device with the betting apps that we recommend that you can do from a computer as far as managing your account. This gives players a greater degree of control over everything that might need to do through their mobile app, and it’s a great reason to take another swing at playing via mobile if you tried it in the past and weren’t satisfied.

Putting It All Together

Each individual person has their own wants and needs when it comes to how they bet. What works for one person will not necessarily work for the next, so it’s hard to recommend an overall “one size fits all” solution in most cases. With this reality in mind, we have set up this site and our reviews to help you find what will work for you based on your own individual preferences. This is why we have built our reviews around the criteria we have, and it’s why we take so much care to illustrate what types of players will like each type of real money betting app.

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