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AndroidThere are more people using Android-powered products than any other mobile operating system in the world, and that means that Android betting apps are extremely popular as well. While many people would think that Apple would be responsible for the most users, Android has a higher level of flexibility since it’s used on a wide range of different devices from different companies, which really sets it apart from iOS. Along these lines, if you have a smartphone or tablet, then chances are that you’ve used some version of Android at some point in time.

As Android continues to grow in market share, more and more online gambling sites are focusing on delivering the ultimate feature rich Android gambling experience to players.  We recommend the leading Android gambling apps from some of the worlds most trusted names in the industry.  As a matter of fact we only endorse 5 star real money betting apps that have earned a perfect reputation in the gambling industry which means that players can focus on having a good time instead of worrying about whether or not they will get paid.

Best Real Money Betting Apps Compatible With Android Devices

Site NameBonus OfferRatingCompatibilityUSAVisit/Review
Mobile Casino Apps
Bovada Mobile Casino100% up to $3,0005 Star RatingAndroid, iPhone, iPad, Windows, BlackberryPlay Now Review Mobile Casino100% up to $5,0005 Star RatingAndroid, iPhone, iPad, Windows, BlackberryPlay Now Review
Cafe Mobile Casino500% up to $5,0005 Star RatingAndroid, iPhone, iPad, Windows, BlackberryPlay Now Review
Mobile Sportsbook Apps
Bovada Mobile Sportsbook50% up to $2505 Star RatingAndroid, iPhone, iPad, Windows, BlackberryPlay Now Review
Betonline Mobile Sportsbook50% up to $2,5004.5 Star RatingAndroid, iPhone, iPad, Windows, BlackberryPlay Now Review
Mobile Poker Apps
100% up to $1,0005 Star RatingAndroid, iPhone, iPad, Windows, BlackberryPlay Now Review

The Advantages of Android for Betting Apps

Players will find that there are a number of distinct and unique advantages to using the Android operating system for mobile gambling online. We are going to describe some of those advantages here.

1. Because Android is the most popular mobile operating system, you’ll have a wider range of options as far as the different available betting sites go. This means there will be more Android betting apps than any other operating system, all else being equal.

2. Android also works on a variety of different smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Because of this, the betting apps that do use this operating system will work on a wider range of different devices, giving you even more flexibility in terms of how you can connect to play.

3. There are a ton of tools and sources of technical support if you run into issues installing gambling apps on an Android-powered device, on top of those typically provided by the sites themselves, because of the huge development and support community that exists for it online.

These three things make Android stand out compared to other mobile operating systems in ways that its competitors can’t really match.

The Best Android Gambling Apps Revealed

We have evaluated and reviewed a number of different Android betting apps for various types of betting, and we’ve come up with ratings and rankings for these apps based on various criteria. To understand how our betting app reviews work, we want to give you a brief overview of what we look for and what we rank high or low when it comes to Android gambling. We evaluate both the app itself and the betting site that the app is for along the following lines.

For the actual app, we look at things like how smoothly it runs, if it crashes and what the aesthetics are like. No one wants to play on a clunky app that looks like it was a sixth grader’s first website project, but many players also prefer staying away from apps that are too crowded or too difficult to navigate. A lot of this has to do with how the app itself affects the player’s overall experience and whether it’s made to fix the different types of screens that Android devices can have.

For the sites themselves, we’re looking a variety of things that mostly have to do with how reliable they are and what their reputation is like in the business. The first place we look is at the license that the site has that the app is for, if it’s in good standing, how long they’ve had it and if it’s in a jurisdiction that takes the regulation of gambling sites seriously. We also look at how long the site has been around as a whole, and if applicable, we look at the reputation of the company that operates the site. Some companies operate various betting sites, and the quality of your experience at one will often reflect the quality of experience you’ll get at another.

Android Betting App Game Selection

Because Android is such a flexible operating system, you’ll be able to find a really wide range of different types of betting and different types of games to play on it. Poker fans will be able to enjoy lots of hands per hour, and casino game fans will have plenty of slots, table games and live dealer options. If you prefer betting on sports or other types of wagering, the operating system’s smooth navigation and intuitive, built-in swiping and tapping gestures will make it easy and enjoyable to move through your different options and find the exact wagers you’re looking for.

Android Safety and Security

Any type of transaction online that involves money will make you want to have a high level of security, and Android provides that in a major way. They have a number of built-in security options that help to keep your smartphone or tablet secure, and if it’s lost or stolen, there are a lot of tools available to give you peace of mind by making it easy to find your device. What’s more is that there are different security features for the apps and sites themselves, including pro-active security teams that look for suspicious patterns in log-ins or withdrawals to detect unauthorized access. This provides multiple levels of security to give you peace of mind when you are making deposits, withdrawals or simply playing the games themselves.

In Summary

People who have Android-powered devices can tell you that they are very reliable and that they have a lot of flexibility in terms of the different apps and other options you have. The Android betting apps that we have reviewed include some of the best that the industry has to offer, and while different players will have different things they are looking for, we are confident that you won’t go wrong with the options we have recommended.

Additional Gambling Apps By Device

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