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iPhoneThe iPhone is easily the single most popular smartphone in the world, and it runs using Apple’s iOS operating system. Because so many people have this specific phone, it stands to reason that there are plenty of betting apps designed specifically for it. This device was designed to be extremely user-friendly and responsive, and that’s exactly what you can expect out of the best iPhone betting apps that are available for players today.

The iPhone gambling apps that we recommend all offer real money wagering options and are considered the leaders in the mobile gambling industry.  We go out of our way to only recommend the top rated sites that have proven themselves to be trustworthy and reputable. By playing with only trusted names, players can focus on the entertainment iPhone gambling offers instead of sweating whether or not they will get paid from the site.  In addition, there are currently some fantastic bonus offers available for new players who make a real money deposit using any of the following apps.

Best Real Money Betting Apps Compatible With iPhones

Site NameBonus OfferRatingCompatibilityUSAVisit/Review
Mobile Casino Apps
Bovada Mobile Casino100% up to $3,0005 Star RatingAndroid, iPhone, iPad, Windows, BlackberryPlay Now Review
Slots.lv Mobile Casino100% up to $5,0005 Star RatingAndroid, iPhone, iPad, Windows, BlackberryPlay Now Review
Cafe Mobile Casino500% up to $5,0005 Star RatingAndroid, iPhone, iPad, Windows, BlackberryPlay Now Review
Mobile Sportsbook Apps
Bovada Mobile Sportsbook50% up to $2505 Star RatingAndroid, iPhone, iPad, Windows, BlackberryPlay Now Review
Betonline Mobile Sportsbook50% up to $2,5004.5 Star RatingAndroid, iPhone, iPad, Windows, BlackberryPlay Now Review
Mobile Poker Apps
100% up to $1,0005 Star RatingAndroid, iPhone, iPad, Windows, BlackberryPlay Now Review

The Advantages of Playing With an iPhone

In our reviews, we have identified a few key advantages of betting online with an iPhone. The following advantages are things that you’ll definitely see if you’re the owner of one of these smartphones and are looking to place wagers online.

1. There’s a very wide availability for iPhone-compatible betting apps because of the popularity of this specific device. Support is also very strong and thorough because so many people use the same kind of phone to play on the internet.

2. Most iPhone gambling apps are designed with specific screen sizes in mind. Since there are a limited number of screen sizes for this device, it’s really easy for developers to anticipate the needs of the players, and this makes the interfaces much easier to use.

3. The performance levels for iPhones are generally very strong, which means you don’t have to sacrifice performance at all when playing games that have intense graphics and sound, like 3D slots.

Generally speaking, iPhones are a good option for mobile betting because of these advantages above. We have reviewed a number of sites that have iPhone betting apps as well, and we’ll get into the specifics of those sites below.

The Best iPhone Betting Apps

We have reviewed several of the best real money betting apps that you’ll be able to find in any sector of the industry, and the information we gleaned from those reviews are what we have used for our ratings and rankings. What we have looked for in these reviews and in our research of each app is what we think are the most important criteria for players to look at as far as what will give them the best experience as a whole. Here is a brief overview of these criteria so that you know how we have ranked these apps.

Having a site that you can trust with your money is the very first thing that we always look for in any iPhone betting app, no matter if it’s for poker, sports, casino games or anything else. A foundation of trust and reliability is what everything else about the operation is built on, and you can’t have a good experience without that. To this end, we look at licensing information, how long those licenses have been held and the status of those licenses.

We also look at the reputation and history of the company behind the scenes actually running the betting site. All of this information combined gives us a very good idea of how trustworthy a site is in general and it informs whether or not we feel comfortable recommending a betting app.

Once the reputation of an iPhone betting app and the site that runs it is confirmed, we then look at what kinds of options you have for managing your account. This takes into account being able to make banking transactions as well as contacting support without having to use a computer for anything on your account. The ideal is to be able to do anything you need straight from the mobile app, and we’ll point out if there are any major tasks that you cannot do from mobile.

iPhone Betting App Game Selection

Depending on which type of site you decide to play with, your game selection can vary wildly. This is why it’s so important to focus on the games you want to play and the type of wagering you want to do in the first place.

Once you know what type of betting you want to do (poker, sports, casino, etc.), then you’ll have a better idea of what type of game selection you’ll be looking for. In our reviews, we break down exactly what you can expect from the specific iPhone betting app, but we’ll also break down whatever extra games that you might not expect that will be available. For example, some mobile poker apps have slots or other side games, as do sports betting sites.

iPhone Gambling Safety and Security

If you have an iPhone, then you know how the basic security features work for it. There are fingerprint log-ins, passcode pin numbers, etc. Whenever you have log-ins for gambling apps on your phone, however, security becomes much more of an issue because of how easy it could potentially be for someone to log into your accounts and clear out your bank account or run up charges on your credit card.

To this end, we have made mention of all of the security features and how active the security teams are for each of the iPhone mobile betting applications that we have reviewed. This will give you a clear idea of what type of safety you’ll have playing from each site, and we only recommend sites that meet our standard.

In Summary

Players get a lot of different options for gambling from an iPhone, and we have covered the best that each genre of betting has to offer. The iPhone is by far the single most popular smartphone device running today, and you’ll have plenty of great apps to choose from. If you start off with the type of gambling you want to bet with and then move towards finding specific games and contests to wager on, you’ll have no trouble finding the right iPhone app for you.

Additional Gambling Apps By Device

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