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Windows MobileAnyone who has used a computer can tell you that Windows is by far the single most popular computer operating system of all time. It stands to reason that the Windows mobile OS is pretty popular as well, and you can find it used on a wide range of different smartphones and tablets. Because it syncs up so quickly and easily with Windows-based computers, Windows betting apps are popular for players who aren’t necessarily the most concerned with having the newest devices, and instead, they tend to prefer an easy, intuitive experience.

We recommend the top rated real money betting apps that are compatible with all Windows mobile devices. We’ve been in the industry for over 10 years now and know which sites are the most trusted and which sites are best avoided.  So you can feel confident that the gambling apps below are leaders in the mobile gambling industry and always pay out winnings when a player requests a cashout.

Best Real Money Betting Apps
Compatible With Windows Mobile Devices

Site NameBonus OfferRatingCompatibilityUSAVisit/Review
Mobile Casino Apps
Bovada Mobile Casino100% up to $3,0005 Star RatingAndroid, iPhone, iPad, Windows, BlackberryPlay Now Review Mobile Casino100% up to $5,0005 Star RatingAndroid, iPhone, iPad, Windows, BlackberryPlay Now Review
Cafe Mobile Casino500% up to $5,0005 Star RatingAndroid, iPhone, iPad, Windows, BlackberryPlay Now Review
Mobile Sportsbook Apps
Bovada Mobile Sportsbook50% up to $2505 Star RatingAndroid, iPhone, iPad, Windows, BlackberryPlay Now Review
Betonline Mobile Sportsbook50% up to $2,5004.5 Star RatingAndroid, iPhone, iPad, Windows, BlackberryPlay Now Review
Mobile Poker Apps
100% up to $1,0005 Star RatingAndroid, iPhone, iPad, Windows, BlackberryPlay Now Review

The Advantages of Betting With Windows Mobile

A lot of the unique advantages that come from playing with Windows mobile betting apps comes from the fact that this operating system is largely based around the Windows computer OS. This means that you will have a very simple learning curve for getting in on the action with your favorite types of betting.

1. Windows betting apps make it really easy to sync your data to and from your computer so that you never lose any notes or other information that you have saved. This is especially important for poker players and sports bettors.

2. The graphics for Windows-based gambling apps are on par with what you would find on a computer since the operating systems are based on the same fundamental foundation.

3. It’s very intuitive to get started betting on Windows-based apps because they don’t have much of a learning curve, making it easy to jump right into the action.

Players who have a Windows-powered mobile device will already have a really good idea of how it works, and they will find that gambling apps based on this platform fit in extremely well with the intuitive feel they already have with the OS.

The Best Windows Gambling Apps

The way we have determined which Windows betting apps are the best starts with an examination of how trustworthy the site is that runs the app. We dig into the license the company holds, where the license is from and how long they’ve held it. We also look at their overall reputation in the industry, especially regarding paying out to players when they are supposed to. This allows us to establish first and foremost whether a betting app is legitimate.

Once the legitimacy is established, we move to looking into other aspects of the operation, like how well the interface has been developed. We don’t like clunky, slow or cluttered interfaces on any type of smartphone or tablet, and with the intuitive nature that is the main selling point of Windows for mobile, we don’t think that players should have to put up with a bad interface in any way, shape or form. Along these lines, we make sure the interface itself is solid as well.

From there, we like to check out what bonuses and promotions are available for each of the Windows betting apps that we review. We want to make sure that players are able to get their money’s worth when depositing by getting a great selection of promotions and special offers that will add value to their experience. There’s no use in turning down free money for something you were going to be doing anyway, and we want to make sure players are aware of the deals that they can get with each of the gambling apps.

Windows Betting App Game Selection

Game selection for mobile betting comes down to two decisions. First, you have to decide which specific type of betting you want to be involved with (sports, poker, casino, etc.) From there, you narrow down the available game types within that particular sector of the industry. This is an extremely important process of finding the right betting site for you, especially if you’re using Windows mobile, an operating system that doesn’t have the overwhelming popularity of some of its competitors.

In our detailed reviews, we break down exactly what you can expect in terms of betting and game selection. Some Windows gambling apps will surprise you with what’s available, like sports betting apps that have some casino games or a poker room attached for an all-in-one package. This is popular in the industry, and it’s not always readily apparent when you first look at what an app has to offer. That’s why we have done the in-depth research for you so that you don’t have to guess what’s available.

Windows App Safety and Security

Safety is very important when you’re betting online via Windows mobile because of the money involved in your account. On top of that, your financial details and personal information can be contained in your account as well, so if someone gains unauthorized access, they can gain access to that information also. Each of the Windows betting apps we have reviewed put you in the driver’s seat in terms of security by breaking down the specific security features that each site offers.

While the player is ultimately responsible for his or her own security in terms of choosing good passwords, not letting others play on their accounts, etc., the extra layer of security that you’ll get from these apps is an important part of an overall plan to keep yourself safe when betting on the go.

In Summary

Players who use a Windows mobile phone for betting are typically those who like things to be quick and easy so that they can jump right in. The sites that we have reviewed that use this mobile platform give you a chance to do just that because they are designed to be intuitive and newbie-friendly. We have broken down everything that you need to know about each site in these reviews, and we are confident that you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for both in terms of game selection but also in safety, security and confidence in the apps we have looked at here.

Additional Gambling Apps By Device

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