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Top Rated IconIn the 1990s, the Internet first became popular, and people first started to have regular access to it in their homes via personal computers. From 2000 until 2010, mobile devices popped up giving people more and more options to access the Internet while on the go. While the initial growth of the Internet created a demand for online gambling, the subsequent expansion of mobile access meant that there was a huge market available for mobile gambling as well.

To this end, tons of different mobile betting sites have sprung up. Our goal with our reviews is to give you the information that you need to make a decision about where to play based on a handful of factors. We’ll show you exactly what you need to know to figure out which options will work best for your own personal situation instead of forcing you down a “one size fits all” selection, which simply does not work because of the wide range of preferences players can have in mobile gambling.

Top Rated Betting App Reviews
(Covering Casino, Poker And Sports Betting)

Site NameBonus OfferRatingCompatibilityUSAVisit/Review
Mobile Casino Apps
Bovada Mobile Casino100% up to $3,0005 Star RatingAndroid, iPhone, iPad, Windows, BlackberryPlay Now Review Mobile Casino100% up to $5,0005 Star RatingAndroid, iPhone, iPad, Windows, BlackberryPlay Now Review
Cafe Mobile Casino500% up to $5,0005 Star RatingAndroid, iPhone, iPad, Windows, BlackberryPlay Now Review
Mobile Sportsbook Apps
Bovada Mobile Sportsbook50% up to $2505 Star RatingAndroid, iPhone, iPad, Windows, BlackberryPlay Now Review
Betonline Mobile Sportsbook50% up to $2,5004.5 Star RatingAndroid, iPhone, iPad, Windows, BlackberryPlay Now Review
Mobile Poker Apps
100% up to $1,0005 Star RatingAndroid, iPhone, iPad, Windows, BlackberryPlay Now Review

Trust, Safety and Security

Security LockNo matter if you’re dealing with poker, casino games or betting on sports, the very first thing we always look at with any type of mobile gambling app is whether it can be trusted. Fairness in the games, security for your account and trustworthiness in payouts are the main considerations here, and there are a handful of criteria that we have researched in each of these categories that always come first for us.

Initially, we look at how long the site has been running overall, how long their mobile app has been available and where they are licensed. Not all licenses from all jurisdiction hold the same amount of weight in terms of how reliable they are because some jurisdictions are very strict while others are little more than a rubber stamp. We’ll let you know which is which and how much stock you can put into these licenses. We’ll also let you know the overall reputation for the site in terms of any scandals or problems that have come up with them in the past.

We also take a big look at what kind of safety and security players can expect. Our expectation is that every site we review use the highest level SSL encryption available because it’s the same type of encryption that major financial institutions prefer. Moreover, we look at the software that’s being used and if it has a reputation for fairness, which can include what kind of independent audits they have done of the games, the app itself and the random number generator used to power the games.

Interface Options

There are essentially two different types of mobile apps, and they use somewhat different interfaces. The first is what’s known as a native app, and this is much like a game or other type of app that you would download from your smartphone or tablet’s app store. The basic idea is that you install it directly on your phone, and it’s specifically designed to work for your device. The advantages of this type of option are that you usually don’t have to wait for games to load and you typically get somewhat better graphics. However, the disadvantages are that it takes up a lot of storage space on your device, and native apps are available on a more narrow set of devices.

Your other option is a web-based app, which simply runs in an Internet browser, sometimes in some sort of full screen capacity. The idea here is that any device that has an updated browser will be able to use this app, which includes a lot more players with a lot of different types of devices including Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Android, iPhone, iPad and others. The disadvantage is that you have to wait on the games to load, which can take a few moments, and it can take more data on your phone plan if you aren’t near a WiFi hotspot.

Account Management

In the early days of mobile betting apps, the first thing on everyone’s mind was actually being able to put in your wagers. Unfortunately, many apps stopped at this point, largely because they were seen as an extension of your desktop-based play. Along these lines, there wasn’t very much you could do in terms of account management.

Many of today’s apps are much different with the ability to manage everything from deposits, withdrawals, bonuses, personal information and other types of details that you might need to work with over time. In fact, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an app that doesn’t allow some degree of account management, but sometimes key things will be missing. This is something that we want you to know about, especially if it comes to cashier issues or contacting the support team.

Promotions and Bonuses

Speaking of promotions and bonuses, there are a lot of opportunities for mobile-specific extra like these that can help you to pad your bankroll. We have broken down all of the important bonuses in our reviews that mobile players will need to know about, even those that aren’t mobile-specific but that can still be used on your smartphone or tablet. This puts you in control of the comps that you earn while playing games on the go since you don’t have to dig through tons of fine print to figure out the terms and conditions of the deals you can take advantage of.

Putting It All Together

The key thing to realize is that different players want to experience betting online in different ways, and when you look at this fact from a mobile standpoint, it’s even more important. Our goal with our reviews of mobile online casinos, poker rooms and sportsbooks is to give you an idea of the key things you would need to know to decide if an app is right for you or not. We have evaluated these mobile gambling apps based on the criteria we have listed above, and we believe 100 percent that they will guide you towards an experience that will be outstanding and customized to your personal tastes.

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